I am happy to make my time available for my community or you personally to use in a variety of ways, the limitations are that you must live in one of the 5 wards locally, Feltham West, Feltham North, Hanworth, Hanworth Park or Bedfont.


Bookings are generally limited to 1 or 2 hours, however I can be flexible sometimes, so it’a always worth checking if you have a longer requirement. My time is offered for free, however all bookings are subject to my approval and acceptance.


Due to work commitments my availability is generally limited to, Mon to Wed 6pm to 9pm, Fri to Sun 10am to 6pm. Please allow 48 hours notice where possible, and it may take 24 hours for your booking to be approved.

Bubbles - 1 to 2 hours

We supply a couple of bubble machines which create up to 1000 bubbles a minute,  along with a table full of bubble makers for anyone to play with. We also bring wands capable of making huge (5ft+) bubbles which look really impressive. We ask for a donation towards the cost of bubble mixture, but everything else is free.

Meetings - 1 to 2 hours

This booking type in a general purpose booking and can be used for a wide variety to meetings. Perhaps you are running a meeting and you believe it would be useful to have me there, or perhaps you think I can help with a problem, and you just want to book some of my time to discuss things.

Helping Hands - 2 hours

Perhaps you are running an event with your school, group or a fundraiser. It’s not always easy to get volunteers and a pair of hands would be useful to help out. If you think I could be of use at the event, just make a booking. I can help with setup, clean up or event perhaps running a stall or a game at the event.

Litter Picks - 2 hours

Litter picks happen frequently across the local area, and we’ve been to a great many of them. If you need some help with a clean up you are organising, then feel free to book some time and get some help. We usually bring litter pickers, gloves and plastic bags along with a really useful trolley to help move things around.

Photography - 2 hours

I’m by no means a professional photographer, but have taken many photos over the years. If you’d like some photos at your event, or perhaps before and after at a clean up, or any other types of photos, feel free to make a booking and we can discuss exactly what you need me to do. I can then either edit the photos afterwards and select the best ones, or if you prefer, just give you everything I took.

IT Help & Advice - 1 hour

I’ve been working with PCs and IT for over 30 years and have a wide range of experience of using them, identifying problems and working out the best solutions. I’ve also lots of experience of various household gadgets, including mobile phones, tablets, cctv systems. This booking is limited to an hour because I can’t offer a repair service, so if I can’t fix the problem, I’ll give you the best advice I can.