Mike's Software Exploration

SuiteDash (Initial Review)

Creating a complete client portal, but simply.

By Mike Foston
December 18, 2020

I've tried so many CRM packages, both web based, Mac based and iPad, and I'm beginning to think it might be me, because I struggle with them all. However I am conscious that how I want to use it, might also cause me some challenges.

I did actually purchase SuiteDash a while ago and refunded it, but it had so many really positive reviews, I really felt it was worth another chance, and so far I am thinking it was a good decision.

However it appears the learning curve is quite steep, and so I need to take some time to get my head around it, I'm thinking over the Xmas break might be a good time.

I won't give a break down of all its features now, there are too many, but I will work on a new article or update this one to give you more information about what it can do, and how I get on using it to manage the work I need it for. Let's hope it goes well, I don't think I have the heart to try any more after this. I'd be left with the big expensive ones that have a huge number of features and are focussed on something I'm not really interested in at this stage.