Mike's Software Exploration

HelpSpace (Initial Review)

Email to Ticketing for Multiple Domains and more

By Mike Foston
December 18, 2020

HelpSpace is a new piece of software I've just purchased a couple of licenses for.

What can it do I hear you ask, well, I can't hear you, but I assume you are asking.

It appears to have several roles to play, this blog is one of them, but you can also create documentation sites, a "help centre" which at this stage I see a little like creating an FAQ, and you can also and most interestingly for me, create Helpdesk type tickets from incoming emails from your own domains.

So I figure as I paid for it, I should test it out and make some use of it, so here are a few articles created with it, in a technology blog style.

How long I'll use it for, or how helpful it will actually be for me, only time will tell.