My interest in photography has grown over the last 10 years, although I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, in recent years taking good ones has become a higher priority, along with taking a wider variety of subjects. I’ve invested in better equipment and even had some training to improve my understanding of what I am doing. I’ve recreated this site numerous times but never been happy with it, I’m hoping this time to have found a solution I have more control over. At this point (April 2017) I’m rebuilding it from scratch again. I hope to use the site to show off my photos to family and friends, but also anyone else who is interested, especially those in my local community as I take more photos of local places and events. I live in Feltham, West London, and am lucky enough to be surrounded by varied and interesting places to take photos. I am also lucky enough to have had some lovely holidays which have also enabled me to enjoy my photography both in the UK and abroad.

I'm a keen supporter of various charities, and only too happy to combine this with my passion for photography. I've attended a number of events on behalf of Help for Heroes, Alzheimers UK, and Cancer Research amongst others to take photos of their events and share them with their supporters. If you have an event that I could help with, please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements and how I might be able to help. I am happy to travel around 100 miles from my base near Heathrow to cover events, and also to share any photos taken at the event with the organisers or participants.